Por motivos que nos são alheios, alguns dados podem estar incorrectos ou desatualizados. O nosso fornecedor de dados live está com alguns problemas de atualização. Estamos a trabalhar com eles para resolver o problema o mais rápido possivel. Pedimos desculpa pelo incómodo. Atenção ao uso dos gráficos de pressão.
For reasons out of our control, some data may be incorrect or outdated. Our live data supplier is having problems updating some games. We are working with them to fix this issue as soon as possible. We are sorry for the trouble. Be aware when using the pressure index graph.
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Pressure Index is a great help to monitor live games. With our algorithm, this graph shows you the current pressure in each game moment. The bigger the graph peak, the bigger the pressure made by that team. When one of the teams is pressuring during some time, the game will be highlighted. Use your mouse cursor to check the values by minute. This helps identifying games with high corners and goal probability.

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