Imagine having the power to know if your bot is lucrative

Within seconds, 1-click away.

Imagine if you could know the competitions you will be profitable.

Within seconds, 1-click away.

Imagine not having to test strategies

Get to know if they can be profitable. Within seconds, 1-click away.

Have the power of testing any strategy you can imagine. Pre-live or live.

Within seconds, 1-click away.

What if you no longer had to imagine all this? The TimeMachine has arrived.

The revolution of sports betting is here!

Why the revolution?

Test your Bot in previous months

Stop wasting time writing and test strategies that dont work.

Validate pre-live and live strategies for corners, goals or 1x2.

Get to know if your strategy is profitable.

Get to know on which strategies your Bot/Strategy is profitable.

Stop wasting time with leagues where you will lose money.

Your Bots and strategies will be validated on +2000 worldwide competitions.

What else there is to say?

Get to know if you will be profitable at your desirable odd.

Did you know that a 60% win rate doesnt mean you will be profitable? Get to know your ROI of your Bot/Strategy at your preferred odd.

Test any strategy at any time of the day.

Be ahead of all bettors and create strategies the bookies dont know.

... And more: Every strategy will be validated automatically. With the Bots Market coming, your Bot will be highlighted, improving your sales.

Here are some report examples


Bot Pre-configurado de Cantos #1 [Rentabilidade a odd 1.70]


Lista Over 0.5HT - Página Tips Automáticas [Sem odd]


Bot Pré-configurado Over 3.5FT [Rentabilidade a odd 1.80]

Some users testimonials

It is very easy to work with the tool, it allows to test multiple game scenarios in a short period of time. With the Time Machine I shortened the time to test a strategy from 6 months to 1 hour.

- Hugo
Today I have more strategies, however only with profitable leagues. I had the idea that not every league would work for my strategies but that was extremely difficult to test/prove. With the Time Machine we have that information and the certainty for the long term.

- Loan
What I enjoyed the most was the number of bets I place now was substantially reduced by removing the leagues that weren't generating profit in the long term. Maybe that is the real use of the Time Machine, to cut what does not profit.

- João
Once again happy with the Time Machine that helped me a lot with my methodologies after I only maintained the profitable leagues. Now after the adjustment thanks to the Time Machine I just need to follow every alert I receive without worrying if it will profitable in the long term.

- Leonardo
Direct translation of quotes from people who have used Time Machine

Who is this tool for?

Those who are already consistent

To those that already have Bot experience.

Those who want to validate strategies at specific odds

Those who want to validate possible methods

Curious people that know the market

Frequently asked questions

What is the Time Machine?

The Time Machine is, in its core, a tool for validation of Bots and Strategies for pre-live or in-play. The biggest advantage of this tool is that you can make your regular Bots for in-play alerts and use the Time Machine to validate if your Bot is profitable and in what leagues. For instance, if you make a Bot for late corner HT the traditional way to validate a Bot is to make one "today" and then waste several weeks to analyse the alerts and adjusting the Bot. With the Time Machine, you can literally reduce those "weeks" into minutes and get a report with all the results of your Bot. You can use the Time Machine for an enourmous variety of markets, such as 1x2, goals and corners. For some markets you will be able to test the profitability of your Bot (ex., a Bot for Home team to Win and the Home team needs a minimum odd) whereas for other markets you will be able to see only the amount of times the event happened (ex., number of times Both Teams Scored, number of times the Favourite Team did 2 corners after 80th min, etc).

Does the Time Machine make the Bot for me?

No. As said throughout this page, the Time Machine is a validation tool for your Bots and Strategies. Those Bots and those Strategies must come and set by you in the Bot page. After you create your Bot, you can then use the Time Machine to validate it.

Is the Time Machine a Bot?

No. The Time Machine picks up in the criteria you set for your Bot and then shows you all the matches that the criteria passed on. And, since you need to choose what market you want the Time Machine to test your Bot, a report is generated where it is shown to you the leagues with the best results and all the matches that passed your crtieria. This facilitates even more because you can then see what matches were a red bet and then analyse the report and adjust the bot even further.

How many reports can I generate with the Time Machine?

There are no limits once you have the active subscription.

How many markets can I use the Time Machine for?

In total there are available 125 markets preconfigured for you to test your Bots: for goals there are 36 markets, for corners you have 71 markets and for 1x2 there are 18 markets. Nevertheless, if you want to test any market that is not covered here you can build your own analysis within the option "Others" or contact us that we will include your category.

Do you pass tips on how to build Bots?

No. As explained, the Time Machine is a validation tool for your Bots and Strategies. It is up to you to know what criteria you want to use and then use the Time Machine to accelerate your validation process and to help to create profitable Bots. The only advice we give if you will use the Time Machine is to use it with your mind open - this is, the Time Machine might show you that what you think you might know (ex., that for a certain strategy you need to have one certain criteria) might not be that correct. But, at least with the Time Machine you can learn that within minutes without wasting time or losing money...

How many matches does the Time Machine analyse?

By using the Time Machine, you will have access to over than 600k matches of all worldwide competitions and not only the big leagues. And this number grows day by day as more matches occur. And, yes, the Time Machine has the capacity of analysing the information by minute of the over 600k matches. The Time Machines is not here to joke around! 🙂 If you want to limit the Time Machine to only certain leagues you can also do it, for that use the criteria of leagues restriction on your Bot.

If I purchase the Time Machine subscription, will I receive any tutorial?

Hands down, the new version of the Time Machine is pretty straightfoward and you will only need to follow what is requested on the page: choosing the Bot you want to test, give a name to the report, choose the calendar and the market to analyse. Only if you need to create a category that is not included you would need a Tutorial but for that the best option is to reach to us so you do not create a false report. Even if you have any questions once the report is generated, each question would be so particular that is very difficult to build a "Tutorial" as this current version is pretty straightfoward. Again, if you have any questions the best option will be to contact us.

Can I test before purchasing the subscription?

Yes, as a regular Premium user you will be able to use the Time Machine 15 times a month.

Do I get any bonus when signing the Time Machine subscription?

Yes, when you sign up to the Time Machine you get an additional of 30 days of Premium into your current subscription. This is, the Time Machine runs for 30 days after the purchase but you will get an additional 30 days for your Premium signature.