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Soccer Stats for corners, cards and goals for Over 1500 Worldwide football competitions. Analysing football has never been easier.

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Today's Matchlist

Get the automatic soccer stats for today with a click.

Get the best odds by accessing the upcoming soccer stats match predictions.


Live Matchday

Follow in a single page all the inplay matches.

Find what football matches have the highest pressure in the moment.


Corner Stats

Know the best Teams to bet on Over or Under at corners.

Include corner stats such as Over Corners, Races or Handicap.


Pressure Index for Live Inplay Matches

With the exclusive Pressure Index graph you will know what matches are likely to have corners and goals.

Free Ebook with 4 techniques for goals and corners [request via email].


Cards Stats

Card Predictions for First and Second Half. Cards per minute.


Live Notifications

Do not miss any notification from your favourite match: alert when there is a red card or a goal.


Goals Stats

Know what matches are likely to have lots of goals.

Have access to our soccer predictions, including Over 0.5HT, Over 2.5FT or what matches are likely for Both Teams to Score.


Automated Tips

No time to analyse? Use the Automated Tips page to know the best soccer tips and predictions for goals and corners market. No need from you to analyse.


Compact Analysis page (NEW)

Automatic and instantaneous: in a click get to know what matches have the best soccer stats for corners and goals.


Live BOT

Have access to the BOTs system to receive inplay alerts.

... And Much More!

Included: Filters at the home page to find the best football matches for the day. League soccer stats, Team football stats, League and Team ranking, Pre-live Notifications to receive alerts before the match starts.

Do you find it is tiring to follow every match inplay?

Our Bot system will do that for you.

Any time, anywhere. 24 hours per day.

Get the best inplay alerts wherever you are.

Corners Football Market

Back Football Market

Cards Football Market

Lay Football Market

Goals Football Market

And Much More!

You can do your own profitable Bots and receive the best inplay alerts when the Bot finds a match with value.

Do you find impossible to track EVERY match?

The Bot system will analyse for you EVERY worldwide competition. No exceptions.

Create your ideal inplay alert.

You will be able to create inplay alerts to every possible scenario you can imagine. You can use pre-live and live soccer stats data for your inplay alerts.

Pre-Live data: if you like to analyse the live data with pre-live soccer stats, you can now receive those type of inplay alerts.

Live data: because every inplay live betting depends on what is happening in live, use the data inlive for your inplay alerts.

Do not worry never again in having to follow all the matches inplay. Our Bot system will do that for you to save you time.


What if I do not want to configure my inplay alerts?

You do not want to configure your own Alerts?

We got you covered. Use the Profitable InPlay Alerts from the system in 3 simple steps.

What Pre-Configured Bots are there?

The Pre-configured Alerts work at the Football Markets for Corners and Goals Predictions. Each alert will let you know on what to bet on.

What data is used?

The Pre-Configured Bots use several soccer stats including pre-live data along with live data to send the best inplay alerts. Combining the past football data with the System's Inteligency, the Pre-Configured Bots sends InPlay Alerts profitable in the long term.


Why should you join CornerProBet Premium?

Have access to the best Soccer Stats for Corner, Cards and Goals
Track the best InLive matches in an unique page so you do not have multiple tabs opened
Access to the Exclusive Pressure Index graph to know on what match you should bet on.
Access to the Automated Tips Page for Football Predictions for Corners and Goals. No analysis required from you.
Access to the Bots System - Save time in trying tracking every inplay match. Get the best alerts wherever you are.

Promotional Price Premium Access

€10eur / month

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