Imagine having the power to know if your bot is lucrative

Within seconds, 1-click away.

Imagine if you could know the competitions you will be profitable.

Within seconds, 1-click away.

Imagine not having to test strategies

Get to know if they can be profitable. Within seconds, 1-click away.

Have the power of testing any strategy you can imagine. Pre-live or live.

Within seconds, 1-click away.

What if you no longer had to imagine all this? The TimeMachine has arrived.

The revolution of sports betting is here!

Why the revolution?

Test your Bot in previous months

Stop wasting time writing and test strategies that dont work.

Validate pre-live and live strategies for corners, goals or 1x2.

Get to know if your strategy is profitable.

Get to know on which strategies your Bot/Strategy is profitable.

Stop wasting time with leagues where you will lose money.

Your Bots and strategies will be validated on +2000 worldwide competitions.

What else there is to say?

Get to know if you will be profitable at your desirable odd.

Did you know that a 60% win rate doesnt mean you will be profitable? Get to know your ROI of your Bot/Strategy at your preferred odd.

Test any strategy at any time of the day.

Be ahead of all bettors and create strategies the bookies dont know.

... And more: Every strategy will be validated automatically. With the Bots Market coming, your Bot will be highlighted, improving your sales.

Here are some report examples


Bot Pre-configurado de Cantos #1 [Rentabilidade a odd 1.70]


Lista Over 0.5HT - Página Tips Automáticas [Sem odd]


Bot Pré-configurado Over 3.5FT [Rentabilidade a odd 1.80]

Who is this tool for?

Those who are already consistent

To those that already have Bot experience.

Those who want to validate strategies at specific odds

Those who want to validate possible methods

Curious people that know the market

How to join

Only 25 monthly openings

Bonus of 30 premium days

First 25 will have their opening slot reserved for next month

Free acess to the Ebook Guide on testing strategies

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